I got to thinking the other day about my current backup strategy. I use DropBox for all of my writing-related storage and backups are automatically taken care of. I use CrashPlan to back up my 2.8 Terrabytes of data. This costs $150.00 a year. Not bad considering. But, I also pay $100.00 a year for Microsoft Office. This comes with 1TB of online storage via OneDrive. The vast majority of my backup data is movies. Microsoft also allows you to create an account for a family member who will also get 1TB of storage. To save some money, I decided to drop CrashPlan.

I purchased a portable 2TB hard drive and made a copy of all my movies. This drive is now sitting securely in my bank's safe deposit box. Why not in my firebox in the house? Because it's too close. I want off-premise backups. I've been moving everything else to the OneDrive location and allowing it to be automatically backed up to the cloud. My subscription to CrashPlan runs out on the 17th. I should have everything moved to OneDrive and backed up by then.

Why pay for online backup when you really don't need it? Another cool thing about using OneDrive is I can quickly access it from my smart phone as well as anywhere on the internet. I was worried about using a 1TB account and having the automatic synchronization fill up the hard drive on my laptop but you can selectively synchronize folders. This made things so much easier.

I spent the entire morning on Sunday installing and setting up a new router--one with advanced beaming technology to simultaneously talk to all of my devices. I did a lot of research on all the new routers and settled on an almost top-of-the line Linksys. Although NetGear gets top reviews, their customer support is about the worst I've ever heard of. Linksys has very good customer support and that's important to me. In fact, I was chatting with a technician for almost an hour this morning trying to get one of my XBox 360's (which I use as a Media Center Extender) working on wireless.

All this computer work has meant that I've not written a single word in Peacekeeper Pathogen. Sales have been very bad recently but I knew that might happen when I started on my professionalization project. I also decided to write Dragonverse Origins instead of another Peacekeeper even though the Galactic Alliance series is what sells. But I had a story I wanted to write and I wrote it. I hope to upload the CreateSpace version soon and as soon as it is ready I will early release Origins.

Origins is still available for pre-order at https://amzn.com/B01IU96X4O Please pass this on to your friends. I promise to begin work on Peacekeeper Pathogen in the next few days.