No, I have not dropped off the internet. No, I have not given up my blog. I've shifted my focus to what is important--family and writing. Putting out a blog post every Sunday morning was beginning to chew into my writing time. Because I had less time to write, I was making time by taking time away from my wife. Time to change my focus.

I will continue to post updates in this blog but I'm not going to do it every single Sunday. I would rather spend my time writing a new novel or editing one I'm getting ready to publish. This also means I no longer have many plans to attend cons or conferences. I had a lot of fun going to them, but they cost money, take away writing time, and my wife is not a fan of the crowds. Perhaps some day when I'm retired...

Speaking of new novels: I've been working on Peacekeeper Pathogen lately and I've made pretty good progress. As of this morning, the book stands at 26,626 words and is moving along quite well. Initial feedback from a few readings at my writer's group have been positive.

I was very disappointed to learn that the possible alien signal is not as possible as the initial reports suggested. Someday, we might actually find a real signal. That will be a world-changing event.

Advertising works! Thanks to an author acquaintance I met at Launch Pad, I have an Amazon ad campaign running. It has not cost very much at all and it seems to be generating results. I was very unhappy with the low sales figures a few weeks back (namely zero) and I mentioned this in a blog post as well as on a few social media outlets. Jake Kerr provided me with a helpful tutorial on how to get Amazon advertising to work. I'm still making some tweaks to the campaign settings but so far sales have returned to an average of 2 a day. Not stellar, but far better than the big ZERO. I'm happy with a low but steady number. More, of course, would be better, but consistent sales greater than zero is all I need to keep me happy. Thanks Jake!

That's about it. In keeping with my new philosophy on spending more time writing and less time blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, etc. I'm going back to working on Pathogen.

PS. If anyone out there is looking for some help in the self-publishing area, please let me know. I would rather help someone get their book published right than spend time telling them how to correct it after the book is released. The first is positive feedback and the second is negative. Positive is much easier to deal out and it is received much better.

Until next time!