Peacekeeper Pathogen now stands at 42,723 words. The story is moving along quite nicely and I don't foresee any additional roadblocks preventing me from sailing to the end of this novel. But in writing, as in life, there are no guarantees that something might pop up.

I purchased a new HP laserjet printer for the writing business. This is something I should have looked into doing a long time ago. Laser printers have gotten much cheaper and far more user-friendly the last time I even considered buying one. My little writing area (the chunk of our computer room I claim as part of my writing business) did not have much room for a printer. Luckily, I had a long ethernet cable as well as a spare port on my network switch. I installed the printer on a section of my old entertainment center that used to serve as the charging station for my laptop. Now, I need to find a new place for the charging station. I look forward to printing out my next manuscript on a laser instead of an inkjet. Should be much faster and much cheaper--plus, it does double-sided!

Some time ago, I mentioned in this blog that my sales were severely declining. An author I met at Launch Pad suggested I try Amazon advertising. Since my books are enrolled in Amazon's KDP Select program, setting up an advertising campaign was a snap. Selecting the keywords according to the instructions given to me by Jake Kerr) took up most of the time. The results? Sales have picked back up and I've been very happy ever since.

A couple years ago, I tried sending out flyers in the mail. I had little to no success and the ROI (Return On Investment) caused me to abandon this idea as a viable means to promote my books. Likewise, attending conventions, writing conferences, and other such large-scale events also provides little to no increase in sales. Setting up a table at an event such a flea-market, library event (which is the only free event), or convention might net you some instant sales, but the cost of renting the space makes generating a profit from these events difficult to impossible. One must also figure in the cost of gas, time, food, etc.

In the end, I've learned that the best way to promote my books is through Amazon's advertising program. I am still considering signing up for a BookBub promotion but that costs money and the ROI there is a big unknown. It's still a possibility though. If I do decide to give it a try, I will share my results on this blog.