Thanksgiving Progress

Last week, Peacekeeper Pathogen stood at 54,864 words. I've been on vacation since then, writing almost every morning. This morning, the word count is 64,070. That's 9,206 words in a single week. When you stop and think about it, those numbers mean something significant and tell what the future will bring when I retire. Provided I can keep up the writing, I could conceivably finish the first draft of an entire novel in about two months. Editing, of course, will take another month or two. Figure in a couple week break to catch up on television and other things and the math claims I could crank out right around two books a year. Assuming I retire at age 70 and I keep writing until I'm 90, that's 60 books after I retire. Figure in an average of one book a year while I'm working, add in what I currently have published, and my lifetime total seems to be around 80 large novels--that's quite an accomplishment!

Those 80 novels could bring in royalties for many years giving someone a small but steady income for the rest of their life. Provided you can make money in this market, this looks like a great plan to help your kids long after you're gone. It's a wonderful dream to have. But this dream has a catch--you must have a plan to turn over ownership of your copyrights to someone who will continue to allow the books to remain published. You do this in a will or by using a trust. If you don't, then who knows what will happen to your legacy when you're gone.

Book sales have been doing quite well recently. I am very disappointed, however, that Dragonverse Origins has not sold more. I still don't have a single review and reviews are very important. Origins is a wonderful book which was enjoyed by everyone involved in editing and proofing it. My Dragonverse series has never sold well on Amazon, which surprises me because of all the dragons that appear in movies these days. When I sell at conventions or events, Dragonverse sells more than Translight. Perhaps I don't have the book's genre properly identified or people just don't know the books are out there.

I've been focusing on writing and that will remain my goal. But, as soon as I put "the end" on Peacekeeper Pathogen, I will be turning my attention to redoing the covers on the Dragonverse series as well as reformatting the print versions. I will also have time to set up an Amazon ad campaign for Origins as well as work on tweaking the settings in the ad campaigns I have going for the other books. Amazon advertising does work but you also have to put some time into adjusting your settings.

Today is my last day of vacation and the time I have for writing is slipping away. From where I sit, I can envision a long road of time ahead of me filled with words being strung together into new novels. But the road behind is forever set in stone. It is what I do today, right now, that matters, because once the instant of time you are now experiencing passes, it cannot be altered--ever. Plan for the future, live for the moment, but always remember that how you live and what you do will be remembered as your legacy for all time.