Peacekeeper Pathogen currently stands at 54,864. I am currently working on writing the last few chapters. Since I don’t work off an outline, I have no clear idea as to how much is left—especially since I threw a monkey wrench into the plot the other day. My guess is I have 4 more chapters left. Since I try to keep my chapters at around 2,500 words, this puts the final word count at approximately 66k. That’s short of my standard goal of 80k to 90k. I’m sure the word count can be expanded especially since I need to add a couple additional chapters earlier in the book. I’m resisting the urge to add them now—need to finish this thing first.

On Wednesday, I was all set to help kick off the NaNoWiMo event at one of our public libraries. This library is on my way to/from work so dropping by for a few hours to share my experience in self-publishing was no problem. Another author drove about 45 minutes to attend. The event was for Middle school kids and began after school. Unfortunately, because of some issues the library had had with kids in the past, they required that the children be accompanied by an adult. Nobody showed—nobody. I was fine with this as it did not impact my schedule at all. I felt bad for the other author though.

Even though nobody showed up to attend the event, I found the interaction with the library staff to be quite interesting. Some time ago, the same library had hosted a “Cooks and Books” event. During the event, one of the staff walked around and asked each author to give him their elevator speech. This same person is the one who set up the NaNoWiMo event. He told me that after the Cooks and Books event, he went out and purchased a copy of each of my books for the library. I’ll be getting a picture of them sitting on the shelf the next time I drive by.

Knowing my books are in a library was thrilling but what he told me next put a smile on my face for hours afterward. This staffer also runs a writing primer workshop at the library. He uses a copy of When Ships Mutiny in his class. I never thought I would hear anyone tell me they were using one of my books as part of a teaching class.

Finally, I feel compelled to say something concerning the recent election results. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been in a down mood ever since the results were announced and every time I look at my Twitter feed I get a bad feeling in my gut. Historically, this country has claimed to stand for the freedom and rights of its people and it is actively engaged in bringing those same rights to the people of other nations. We condemn those nations that oppress the freedom of their people to express themselves. Based on what I’ve seen happening, it appears as if our government has become a hypocrisy. Being an American meant you enjoyed being free; free to worship the faith of your choice; free to speak your mind without being persecuted. America is viewed worldwide as a country that will welcome you with open arms. A place where the persecuted can come and live freely without fear. All this is changing. If the writing on the wall becomes reality, we will no longer be seen as the leader of the free world. We will be seen as a nation of greedy, hypocritical, arrogant people who are intolerant of the differences that make us human.