Quick Update

Not much to report this week. Waiting on a report from Lee Dilkie on Peacekeeper Pathogen. In the meantime, I've started thinking about and doing some research for my next book which will be a sequel to Off Course. My biggest problem with this book is I can't seem to answer the question: "How do you stop an unstoppable warship?" When I have the answer, I can begin work on the novel.

I've also been catching up on television and scifi shows I've had on standby while writing. Even though I've not been writing for only a couple of weeks, the itch to write is beginning to appear. Soon, the itch will be unstoppable and I will have to start writing something.

There was a news story the other day concerning one of the nuclear power plants owned by the same company that owns the one I work for. According to the analyst, there is a 50% chance the plant could be closed down resulting in the loss of a little over 10 million dollars in tax revenue for the surrounding community as well as the State of Ohio. It will also result in the loss of several hundred jobs which will impact families and communities far more than the loss of tax revenue.

My own plant is officially up for sale. The possibility of someone buying it is much greater because we are a much larger facility and we make a ton of money when the plant is running. But, there is no guarantee that I will have my current job after the new owner takes control. I'm not incredibly worried, but the possibility is there. I've always been a long-range planner and the prospect of being unemployed (especially with our nation's current health care insurance problems) does not sit well with me. So, I am heavily weighing the possibility of cutting back on my writing so I can learn a new programming language. I am very well versed in Microsoft Access and I'm pretty good at SQL. I used to be very good at VB6 (no longer used much) and even longer ago I was good at C (back when DOS was king). Today, Java seems to be the language to learn and so I might embark on that particular path.

If I do decide to learn a new language (about 90% sure at this point), it will impact my writing and will result in a delay of the next book. But, that's life.