My current day job is doing Microsoft Access programming. I love to write code! The joy of seeing a program you've written running, generating the data you asked it to produce and functioning correctly is hard to describe. One might think that after work I would rather spend my free time doing other things--like writing. Not so recently!

I've embarked on a quest to learn web programming. This involves becoming familiar with many different technologies. For now, I'm focusing on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using just those three technologies, a person can build some incredibly sophisticated websites. Recently, I've been torn between continuing my web studies or writing. It's been a tough choice.

Writing at one level is a lot like programming. Both work within the semantics of a specific language. Both involve stringing together the small pieces of that language in a specific pattern to produce a final product. Both require the creator to think ahead--often far ahead. Rewrites are common and mistakes can cause the whole thing to stop working. I love writing and seeing a final product available for purchase and seeing the good reviews is also a thrill that's hard to describe. When programming and writing both become a priority, a dilemma is created.

Why am I working on learning web technology? Several reasons: As some of you might recall, the power plant I work at could be sold or closed within the next 18 to 24 months. Learning a new programming skill will help if I need to find a new job if I'm laid off. I also would like to revamp my author website. Right now, that website is being hosted by a company that insists on forcing the subscriber to build websites using their proprietary web-builder software. Although it's pretty slick, there are now things I want to do that can't be done on this host. I plan on moving my site to a different host where I can hand-build my website as I see fit.

I did manage to finish the first chapter of my next book though. It's a sequel to Off Course and it will provide a hard link between that short 2-book series to my Dragonverse series. Science fiction and the world of dragons all come together--who could ask for more? It's not going to be an easy book to write because one of the primary characters is an AI. Once I get past the first few chapters though, I think things will begin to move along quickly.

Speaking of books, Peacekeeper Pathogen should be on its way to my second-level review very shortly. The first round of proofing is nearly complete with only three chapters remaining. I'm hoping to have it in the hands of my German reader by the first of the month. I also just got back the revised cover art and it looks perfect. That will allow me to begin working on the cover. If all goes well, you will see it when I post next week.