Peacekeeper Pathogen

Peacekeeper Pathogen is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Pre-order sales do not become active until the day the book is officially released. In my case, this is May 29. On that day, all of the pre-orders hit my Amazon indicator and my book will start off somewhere near the middle of the pack in the ranking instead of at the bottom. That's why it's so important to collect as many pre-order sales as possible. If you're interested in reading this book, please pre-order and help give me a boost.

Sales have been okay recently but there has been a clear downward trend again over the past couple of weeks. I've had several people recommend that I raise the price of my books--I could not disagree more. I am a firm believer that this country is heading for disaster and it's all driven by greed. Just because I can charge more does not mean I should. I do treat my writing as a business and businesses are gauged by their profitability. I don't charge the business for my time to write a book. I am totally self-published and my only costs are what I pay to have an artist build a cover. My actual cost to create a book is very minimal.

There are other costs associated with my writing business:

  • Mileage linked to attending meetings, selling books, getting to the airport for business trips, etc.
  • Partial cost of the internet to my house.
  • Business card printing.
  • Paper and other office supplies such as software license renewals and purchases.
  • Writing-related trips (Launch Pad in particular).
  • Magazines and books associated with the business.
When it is all compiled at tax time, my writing business has a variable record. I took a loss three years ago and broke even the last two. This year, because I'm limiting my trips to only one (Launch Pad), I will show a profit.

Raising my prices might bring in more royalty payments but it could also have the opposite effect. If I raise my price too much, then people will be less inclined to buy a copy. Since I don't rely on my book sales to support myself and my wife, I can keep my prices low enough to cover my business expenses and make my books affordable at the same time. I would rather see a large number of sales than a large royalty check. It's the thought that there are large numbers of people out there who are enjoying my books that keeps me writing. That is why I write.

I haven't been working on my next book at all this past week. I've been concentrating on learning how to build web pages. I'm almost done with one book and I will be starting on another soon. I have prepared an older computer to be set up as a local web server (Ubuntu operating system and full LAMP install as suggested by several author friends). The long-range plan is to hand-code my author website and have it fully tested and ready to roll out on a new host when my contract with my current host is up for renewal.