My wonderful wife is nearing the end of her review of Peacekeeper Pathogen. She has only a few chapters left. If all goes well, I will be entering all her changes and sending the book off to my final proofreader in Germany. While he does his review, I will be working on finalizing the cover and formatting the interior for both Kindle and Createspace (ebook and print version). When I'm not actively working on Pathogen, I will be working on my next book or continuing my studies of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

I don't have a name for the next book yet. I'm thinking of titles such as: Back On Course, Weapon, and Psycho Ship, but so far none of those seem to fit. I've had to restart the first chapter of this book three times before getting it right. The first writing was all wrong and it just didn't work. The second revision's timeline just didn't work and it would have required too much explanation as to why the crew of the ship did things they way they did. Finally, I got it right yesterday morning and now the book can move forward.

While working on the second revision the other day, my MalwareBytes suddenly decided to identify Scrivener as ransomware! It moved the executable into the quarantine folder and refused to allow me to move it back until after I rebooted. I then had to tell MalwareBytes that Scrivener was not malware. I was then able to restore the program to its correct location so I could continue writing. What's odd about all this is Scrivener has not had an update in a long time. Very odd. At least I know my MalwareBytes is working to protect me, even if it is a bit overzealous.

Last Monday, I attended the annual Books and Cooks event at one of our libraries. This was my third time and, as like the other times, I sold no books. But events like this are not just about sales. It;s about supporting your local library and making yourself available to the public. Although I didn't sell any books, I did add some names to my mailing list and I got to talk to some people who were interested my reading my books. Since the library is only a few miles from my house, the only thing I lost was a few hours and none of that is what I would consider as wasted. I sat next to another wonderful author I've known for several years and we had a very good discussion concerning author-stuff.

The title of this post is Spring. Spring is when most people spend a considerable amount of time cleaning the outside and the inside of their house. It's where the term Spring Cleaning comes from. I took the opportunity to build a new edging around the mulch bed at the front of the house. Last weekend, I cleaned up the back porch by putting the cat houses away, power-washing the cement on the side of the house, and swapping the lawn mower and the snow blower. I also spent some time going through my computer and cleaning out all the old junk that no longer needs to be there.

Spring cleaning for me also involves going through all my writing materials and getting them organized. I empty the desk drawers and reorganize them, getting rid of things that I no longer need or filing things that were just put somewhere with the intent of being filed later. I go through my books and make a prioritized list of which ones I will read next. I like to live an organized life and doing a good Spring cleaning on my writing life is something that certainly helps.