The formatting of Peacekeeper Pathogen is now complete. All of the corrections suggested by my two proofreaders (my wife and Ekkehard Flessa) have been entered and both the Kindle version and the Createspace (print) version are complete. All that's left now is to build the full cover for the print version and then wait for May 29 when the book will be released.

In the past, I would have just uploaded everything and then made the book available for sale. Pre-orders, however, are an important part of getting a new book off to a running start. If a book is released without doing pre-orders, it starts off at the bottom of the enormous pile of books being sold on Amazon. If the author chooses to run pre-orders, all of the pre-orders are applied on the day the book is released instantly moving it up a bit in the ranks. If you are thinking of reading Peacekeeper Pathogen, please consider pre-ordering it now. Even if you are not able to read it right away, the electronic copy will always be on your shelf waiting.

Ensuring a manuscript is free from grammatical errors, has a solid story, and (in the case of a series) does not conflict with what's been told in past books provides the reader with a good experience. This is a requirement if an author wants to be viewed as a true writer. Properly formatting the book's interior is a sign of a professional writer. Many writers pay for these services. Some have received poor results. I am lucky to have an international cooperative to help me get my books ready for the rest of the world.

My wife and I live in the State of Ohio in the United States. My content editor (Lee Dilkie) lives in Canada. My cover artist lives in Minnesota. My final proofreader (Ekkehard Flessa) is a German engineer. Without the help of these people, I would either have to pay to have my book professionally edited. I didn't always have this much help. Lee and Ekkehard were readers who were kind enough to send in corrections to my earlier books. Now, they are people I trust to help me produce the best book possible.

Formatting for Kindle is simple and easy to do if you read the formatting guidelines available on Amazon's website. I use Microsoft Word and a small set of specialized styles to create the Kindle version. Amazon can take a Word .docx file and convert it to Kindle format. I do a thorough check of the converted book using Amazon's online viewer.

Formatting for Createspace takes a bit more work. I use Createspace to produce the printed versions of my books. Formatting for print is more difficult than formatting for Kindle and I did a lot of research a couple years ago to ensure I was doing it correctly. The knowledge I gained from that research caused me to go back and completely reformat all my previous works. Instead of going into the details of this formatting process, I will save it for next week's post.

My studies into website design are progressing very well. I've finished a slightly out-of-date 600 page book on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I read it quickly just to get an overview of things. Now, I'm reading an up-to-date book on those same subjects. I have other books on standby that will be read as I continue learning. When I feel I have reached a point where I can start work on my new author website, I will build it using a small server I've set up on a laptop connected to my home network. If all goes well, the new site will be ready to upload when my contract with my current host runs out.

As always, if anyone has any questions I might be able to answer, please feel free to email me. I reply to all valid requests. My email is: author at dougfarren dot com