Cover Creation

Reminder: Today is the last day to pre-order your copy of Peacekeeper Pathogen. The book will go live on the 29th. Pre-orders help a new book get off to a running start instead of starting off at the bottom of the list.

Yesterday, while at Barnes & Noble, I built the print-ready cover for Peacekeeper Pathogen. Now that I've standardized the overall look of my covers, creating a new cover is not very difficult. Here's the process:

  1. After ensuring the interior is formatted correctly and ready to be uploaded to CreateSpace, it is converted into a final PDF. I do look at the final PDF to make sure the conversion was successful and I got the results I was looking for. At this point, I note the page count (370 in my case).
  2. I then go to CreateSpaces cover template generator and enter the required parameters (Interior type, trim size, number of pages, and the page color). Clicking on "Build Template" results in a zip-file holding a PDF and a PNG file. One of these will be used to build the print-ready cover.
  3. I open the PDF template in Adobe Photoshop Elements. I load up my cover art as well as a photoshop file of my last book.
  4. From this point on, it's just a matter of dragging the components of the cover from one location onto the template, altering the text to get the title correct, and making slight adjustments to the size of the various objects so they all fit comfortably in the template.
  5. The final result is saved as a high-quality PDF. The results in Photoshop are shown below:

When I'm ready to publish, the print-ready cover is uploaded as well as the interior and everything is combined to create the final product. The interior is automatically checked for correct margins and basic formatting and you can preview the results. Since the print process can slightly alter a cover, the people at CreateSpace will ensure that the components of the book all work together to create a good printed book. If things aren't quite right, they can make some alterations to get things right. If you don't like the final results, you just upload new files and do it all again.

Next week, I travel to Laramie, Wyoming where I will be helping out with another session of Launch Pad Workshop. I will not be writing a blog post during my trip. I am looking forward to meeting another interesting and talented group of people. I will write-up a short summary of my trip when I return. Because of how this trip's travel times worked out, I will most likely not be posting anything here for the next two weeks.