Launch Pad 2017

In my last post, I explained I would not be posting until I returned from Launch Pad. I arrived home late Saturday night on 6/10/17. I slept in late the next day and still had unpacking to do so I decided not to post last weekend. I had a great time at Launch Pad and met another group of fine writers. Funding this year was even tighter than last and next year looks like it's going to be even more of a challenge. Unfortunately, this will most likely be my last trip to Laramie.

Although sales have been okay, they are not great enough to justify the expense of making the trip to Launch Pad. There is also the looming possibility that I might be unemployed in the near future because of what is happening to the nuclear power plant I work at. If you've followed this blog or the news, you know that FirstEnergy (the company I work for) has decided to get out of the generation business and is selling all their power plants--including mine. Because we don't know if the plant will be sold or closed, I'm preparing for the worst--unemployment.

I might have a title for my next novel. It was suggested by one of the Launch Pad attendees while we were discussing our current projects. The possible title is Course Adjustment. So far, I have written 14,264 words in the new novel and I hope to have it finished by winter. That will allow for editing and cover art creation to take place over the cold weather with a release set for early next year. After that...well...I'm not sure. I do have a dragon book in mind but the Dragonverse series does not sell as well as I would have hoped. People these days seem to read more military science fiction. I guess it's just a sign of the times. Perhaps I will have more luck if I write a horrific book involving an alien species without any compassion towards humans.

I used to think that the people of this planet would eventually learn that cooperating together for the good of all makes more sense than fighting each other, spreading hate, or thinking only of oneself. It is obvious, however, that we have not managed to set aside our primitive, caveman mentality. There are a few individuals out there who actually try to work for the betterment of all humanity, but the vast majority of people are simply not evolved enough to even realize they are still behaving like the primitive people we were a few hundred thousand years ago.

It's a beautiful day outside and I intend to enjoy it by drinking a calming cup of green tea, listen to the birds sing, and get some writing done.