Progress report

After being stuck in writer's limbo for a couple of weeks, Collision Course is now once again growing in size. Fighting off a touch of the flu certainly did not help but things are now moving along. The word count now stands at 21,629 putting it at about the 25% mark. I will be getting back to working on it as soon as this is posted.

My studies into how to author a website are moving along. I now have a fairly good skeleton of my new author site up and running on my new host. I'm continuing to learn. Unfortunately, the more I learn, the more I discover that I have more to learn. There are so many different web technologies out there that keeping up with them (much less learning them) is quite a challenge.

My approach to this entire project has been to start with the basics (HTML and CSS) and work up from there. Others, anxious to begin, might have started with a website builder such as Adobe's Creative Cloud and just used the application's GUI to build a site. But doing that does not provide any insight into the underlying code. I don't want to just build a website, I want to know how it works.

After I have a firm grasp on HTML and CSS (within another week or so I believe), I will start learning JavaScript. Following that, comes PHP, Java, and then maybe Sass and Less. In between, I might take a closer look at Modernizr. Who knows, I might even decide to learn Python and Ruby as well! Okay, maybe that's pulling off more than I can chew because while learning all the above, I still need (and want) to write. There isn't enough time in the day for me to learn all this. It's frustrating and fun all rolled up into a slippery vibrating package that's hard to get a grip on.

Being a self-published author is not easy because the author has so many additional duties beyond just writing. It takes a lot of time and often a lot of sacrifices. I watch very little TV and when I do it's done at 1.5x or 2x speed. I've gotten very used to watching an entire movie at 2x normal speed. Reading for pleasure is a rarity these days.

Because I have so much to do, I'm keeping this post and future posts short. I might even drop back to a single post every couple of weeks instead of weekly. Time to get some writing done!