The fun thing about being a SOP (Seat Of your Pants) writer is the times when the story takes off on a different track than I anticipated. This usually happens when my characters are engaged in a conversation. While writing one such conversation this morning in Collision Course, the characters made some comments that have added a new layer of interest to the story. I was simply writing down what the characters would naturally say and the result is a new twist to the story. I love it!

If you ever want to learn a difficult subject and you learn best by reading a book, you've got to check out the Missing Manual series. I am nearing the end of Creating a Website the Missing Manual. I've learned plenty from this well-written book. It is now filled with little stickies poking out from the edges of the pages so I can find the good stuff inside when I need it. Even though the chapter on JavaScript is tiny compared to the monster Missing Manual I have on the entire language, I believe I've learned enough to begin to design my science fiction calculator on my website. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

I am on vacation as of today and I will have every morning for the next week to write and work more on my website. There are days when I wish I had a jack built into the back of my skull so I could just upload the knowledge I crave. Often, I need to keep myself from reading too fast because I know that doing so will not help me learn. Until our technology gives us the ability to upload information directly into our brains, I will just have to remind myself that learning takes time.