Today was a no writing day. Even though I'm on vacation, I went into work to run the Monthly Performance Report. This report must be completed within the first week of every month. I do the work management portion. It used to take my predecessor three long days to generate the data. I have a computer program that spits out the needed numbers in less than five minutes. The numbers must be transferred to our reporting system and I'm the person designated to enter them. I also attended a short training session I'd signed up for before going on vacation.

As soon as I got home, I began working outside getting the yard ready for winter. Seemed strange though since it was almost 80 degrees outside. But I was on vacation and the work needed to be done.

I did just recently finish reading Creating a Website: The Missing Manual. I highly recommend it. One of the last chapters was on JavaScript. Based on the examples given, I felt confident enough to begin building a web page I've been wanting to build for years--my science fiction calculator. Yesterday, I built the first of the pages and after a few trials and errors managed to get it working. My goal is to have this series of pages ready to be rolled out by the time I'm done with my vacation. That will be a cause for celebration because I've been wanting to put the spreadsheet I've used for many used into the public domain for a long long time.