My science fiction calculation web page is live! This has been a goal of mine for many years and today it's become a reality. When I started writing science fiction, one of the things I prided myself in was trying to keep the science as real as possible. To do this, I built an Excel spreadsheet with all sorts of useful numbers and calculations. I've always wanted to put these calculations and numbers on a website but the old host of my site did not allow me to use JavaScript.

Some time ago, I embarked on a program to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When I had a workable website up and running on my local PC, I opened an account with a different host and moved my site to them. About two weeks ago, I learned enough about JavaScript to feel confident in building my long awaited calculator page. It went live today.

You can view the site at: dougfarren.com. Feedback is always welcome.

The entire site has been hand-coded and has been purposefully built to be clean and easy to use. The code is responsive allowing it to display properly on anything from a cell phone to a high-end computer system. I have also used code that should be understandable by almost any browser.