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10-28-17 Still rewriting

The rewriting of Collision Course continues. Not only were the two arcs way out of synch, but the storyline in one of the arcs just wouldn't work. While reading the chapters associated with one of them, I discovered that the characters were not behaving correctly. How did this happen? Probably because I've been working on this for longer than normal and I took longer breaks in between to learn about web programming. My normal time for writing a first draft is about 8 months and this one has been going on for longer than that.

The good news is that in addition to fixing things, I've been adding chapters. That means the word count is going up putting me almost exactly half-way through what I would consider a normal-sized book. Bear in mind, this is only a mystical target that does not have to be reached. I don't add fill-in words just to hit my target. When the book is done, it's done no matter how many words are there.

I am at day two into a three-day weekend and I hope to have things straightened out by Monday. If not, it looks like my wife's schedule will allow me to squeeze in a few more writing days during the week. In the meantime, I've mostly put my website learning on hold until I at least get this book whipped back into shape.