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Geek Expo 2017

I spent all day yesterday at the 2017 Geek Expo which was held at the Ashtabula Towne Square Mall here in Ohio. Last year, the event was only 1 day long and was held at the Spire Institute (an Olympic training center about 2 miles from my house). This year's event is two days and is in a closed department store at a slowly failing mall. The floor space this year for vendors is enormous and things are much more spread out and there was a large turnout.

I sold a few books and met a few fans. I chatted with lots of good-natured people and got to see all sorts of interesting costumes walk by including a fully functional Dalek. Dragons were well represented. I head back there today. Keep reading to see some pictures of the event.

A fellow author (Andi Lawencovna) shared the table with me for most of the event. She will also be there today. Even though we write vastly different material, we always find things in common to talk about. I'm looking forward to spending another day at the Expo.

I also managed to get some writing done. I finally finished revising one of the two timelines in Collision Course making the actions of the characters in that timeline more plausible. I then turned to the task of synching that timeline up with the other one. Using Aeon timeline, I plotted out the first point of convergence which occurs at the start of one of the chapters. There is a section near the end of that chapter that now carries a large note reading: THIS CANNOT BE HERE! THIS PARAGRAPH DESCRIBES AN EVENT THAT HAPPENS 9 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES LATER.

Today, I will be working on trying to fix that snafu. Word of advice to my future self: The next time I write a story, even if I don't think I will need a timeline -- make a timeline! Sure, it takes a little bit of time. But it will save a lot of time by keeping the sequencing of events clearly laid out and aligned.

As a side note, my best friend living in Minnesota texted me a picture of the 6 inches of new snow they had yesterday morning. As I write this, the temperature is on its way up to a high of 66, I can hear thunder approaching, and we are under a flash flood watch. This is not normal people!

Here are some pictures from the Geek Expo: