Happy Holidays

Collision Course now stands at just over 60,000 words and the ending is in sight. I have the grand finale to write as well as cleaning up a couple of loose ends afterward. I don't think I will meet my goal of having the first draft completed by the end of the year but I am going to come close. Once the first draft is complete, I will go back and do an editing pass to clean up some of the plot lines as well as rearrange a few of the out of place chapters. The novel will then to go my content editor as well as my cover artist for their input.

This will most likely be the last post of 2017 and I would like to leave you with something to think about. Imagine yourself as an observer from an advanced space fairing people sent here to determine if humans are ready to be admitted to the galactic community. When you first arrive, you pick up the news of a massive earthquake in a remote area. Upon arriving on the scene you see humans from every cultural background working together to help those in need. "This is a very good sign," you say to yourself.

But your opinion of the sentient race of this planet changes drastically when you visit another city. There, you find people of great wealth living in luxury while others are starving only a few miles away. The more you look around, the more you begin to doubt that the people you are observing are anything more than just savages. Perhaps, you think, this is not the norm. Maybe, you've been seeing only those who are breaking the law instead of following it. You dig deeper.

To your utter horror, you discover that the behaviors you've witnessed are actually promoted by the very governments that should be working to give their people a better life. Nuclear weapons stand at the ready to annihilate all life on the planet. People kill other people simply because of the color of their skin or what they believe in. Governments and those in a position of power are poisoning the very world they live in without any regard to the future they will be leaving their own children. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

You return to your homeworld and present your report: Earth is driven by greed and the lust for power. The people are savages inflicting cruelty upon their fellow humans. Although there are instances of great good among some of them, the majority behave as if they are a primitive people, unable to see beyond their own petty desires. Earth is not a civilized world and is not fit to be admitted into the galactic community. But, there is hope.

The second half of your report documents the good you've witnessed. You point out that humans have the potential to turn their world into a self-made paradise. If they chose, they can achieve a greatness the likes of which no other race in the galaxy could match. But they will have to learn how to rise above their own self-centered desires before they drive themselves into extinction.

How much money does a person need? How much profit does a company need to make? Why can't we learn to work together for the benefit of all? Why must children starve because a rich man desires more of what he already has? Why must a person walk in fear because of the color of their skin or because of the faith they believe? We -- humans -- are better than this. If we don't change we will drive ourselves into extinction and the universe will not notice.

Let's make 2018 a better year than all the years before. We can do this. We must do this.