New leader

The writers group I regularly attend met yesterday at the usual place and time. What was different was a change in command. The health of the person who originally created the group has been an issue and she has not shown up for several meetings. Another author who also happens to have an MBA took it upon herself to take the helm. She has a knack for very quickly recognizing where a story needs to be tweaked and can pick out areas that need discussion far faster than I can. I think the group is in good hands. Thank you Andi!

One of the things that Andi has done differently with the group is to institute a short discussion at the start or end of the meeting on writing-related topics. Yesterday's meeting focused on point of view. The topic for the next meeting will be on backing up your work--a subject near and dear to me. I will be leading that discussion as well as writing a short article for the group's discussion board that Andi has established. I will post it here when it is finished.

Collision Course now stands at 53,601 words. I was on a roll yesterday but had to stop so I could attend the meeting. My original intention was to set writing aside today and continue learning JavaScript. Instead, I will be writing. When the words are there, I need to get them out and into the computer.

Sales have been pathetic of late and that does tend to have a discouraging effect on my desire to write. I do enjoy writing but there are so many other things I want to do as well (such as learning JavaScript). With sales trending down, I'm giving serious consideration to making Collision Course my last novel. I do have other potential novels in my head but there are other things I want to do. I will be taking a hiatus after this next book just to catch up on things. We will see what happens next.

Due to the slump in sales, I have also decided not to return to Launch Pad next year. I was also tentatively planning on attending the 2018 Nebula Conference which is being held only two hours from my home. But unless sales take a drastic change in the next week, those plans will also be scrapped. These are business decisions based on treating my writing as a business. If the money is not there, then it can't be spent no matter how much I would like to go. The IRS will accept a business running at a loss for only so long. After that, they expect the business to be closed.

There is still a small chance I will be going to the Nebula Conference perhaps as a last hurrah and because it is something I've always wanted to do. I have until December 15th to decide which is the last day for discounted tickets. If I do decide to go, I will let you know.