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Ready for Proofing

As of a few moments ago, Collision Course is complete and ready to be proofed. Based on the feedback I received from my content editor Lee Dilkie, I've made a few changes in how the story unfolded. I also added a new final chapter that neatly wraps things up. Additional text was added to explain a few things that were left unexplained in the original draft. All-in-all, I am pleased with the book.

I have also selected the artwork that will be used for the cover. I will begin adding the text and making a few minor changes to the artwork to make it look more like all my other books. I would like to thank Lee for his insight and Heather Zak for her hard work in creating the new cover. Now, the book goes to my wife Cheryl so she can work her grammatical magic. I expect that process to take about a month. So what will I be doing next?

My website is presentable but it is missing many features that should be on a professional website. I will be applying my recently acquired knowledge of JaveScript and JQuery to rebuild the website and finally finish it into something any web developer would be proud of. This will be the focus of my attention for the next few months. My intention is to continue to learn JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and even PHP to build my knowledge of website development.

I spent all of last weekend in Aurora Ohio attending the Cleveland Concoction Convention. I decided to go for two reasons: 1) Geoffrey Landis, an author and NASA engineer with hardware on Mars, whom I'd met at my first Launch Pad workshop in 2012 and his wife (also an author) would be attending. 2) The convention has an author's showroom where they sell books.

It was very good to see Geoff and his wife Mary Turzillo again. We had dinner together and caught up on things. The book sales are another story. I am positive I did not sell enough to cover the cost of the room. I had decided to stay in the hotel instead of driving back and forth and that decision made the convention unprofitable. But, I had a good time, got to see old acquaintances, and managed to get a ton of editing done. In the end, I think it was a worthwhile investment.

As far as writing is concerned, I'm not sure what I will be working on next. I might just decide to take a long break from writing, focus on learning new programming languages and environments and take some time to see how non-writers live. Writing means sacrificing a lot of things like going out to movies, watching television, surfing the net, reading other's books, and just taking time to do nothing. Time to take a break.