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Editing and revisions to Collision Course are slowly proceeding. I did not get much done this weekend due to our not having any power from 7:15 PM Thursday until 8:30 PM Saturday. I do have a generator but I only set it up to power up the refrigerator and a few items. We have an all-electric home and the power outage was partial, giving us about 50 volts coming into the house. This was enough juice to allow the baseboard heaters to get warm enough to keep the inside of the house comfortable. I do have a rig I can use to power the entire house but the generator does not have a high enough rating to run everything. For example, the generator is rated at 5,200 watts and my hot water tank will draw 4,500. That leaves very little room for anything else.

I should be able to get some serious editing done next weekend since I will be at the Cleveland Concoction. When I'm not sitting on panels on Friday, I will be in the bar or lounge editing. If you're in at the convention, stop by and say hi. I will be spending Friday night in the hotel but driving home Saturday. I will return on Sunday morning to retrieve any unsold books; hopefully, that will be none! Because of the busy schedule next weekend, I don't plan on putting out a blog post.

Time to get back to editing--if my cats will let me. They seem to be especially clingy this morning and insist on getting in my lap no matter where I sit.