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May 28: Launch Pad

It has been some time since I’ve posted a blog entry—mostly because I’ve not had much to report. Proofing of Collision Course is nearly complete and I expect to have it ready for publication in about three weeks. I might delay that a bit to see if I can’t get some pre-orders lined up. The artwork is complete and ready to be turned into a cover.

I leave for Laramie on the 28th to attend another Launch Pad. This will be the first time the workshop has been held starting on a holiday. I wonder what the airport is going to be like? This trip is also unique in that I will be sticking around at the airport until the last person arrives. I will be coordinating which authors will depart with which drivers. We do have one author that has a very tight (36 minutes) layover in Salt Lake City. He also happens to be one of our drivers. If he misses his flight, we will have to designate another driver. This could get interesting!

I’m also getting ready to roll out an update to my author website. I’ve already made some modifications based on my new knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery. This update should be rolled out sometime while I am at Launch Pad.

If you enjoyed Off Course, I think you will enjoy Collision Course. If you’ve read my other novels (especially the Dragonverse series) you will find a pleasant surprise towards the end of the book. Keep your eyes open for an announcement in the next few weeks. Pre-order sales help get a new novel kicked off on the right foot.

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