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May 6: Collision Course and website

My wife has passed the halfway point of her review of Collision Course. It's been slow going but she's promised to speed things up a bit. I'm still hoping for a release sometime this month.

Work on my website is also going slow but I am making progress. In fact, I uploaded all of the changes to the site last weekend. More improvements are coming. The biggest factor in how slow things are going is the weather--it's been very nice! With good weather comes all the work needed to clean things up after Winter. The list was a long one but now I think it's all behind me.

As for writing--I've been thinking about scaling that way back. Writers put a lot of things on hold while they're writing and it's good to take a break from writing and do other things. Reading and watching science and science fiction movies and programs are the things I've been sacrificing. I will get back to writing when the urge hits.

As for my future as an employee at the nuclear power plant, that is still a total unknown. The efforts to save the plant's future with government support are not going well. With the company in bankruptcy, the future is very uncertain. I've been working at the plant for 29 years and was hoping to make it until 70. But, if the news reports turn out to be true, the plant will cease producing power on May 21st of 2021 and begin the process of decommissioning. Once the paperwork to change the license is sent, there is no turning back. I think I will be able to keep working there for at least the first year after the reactor is finally shut down but after that--who knows. The sad thing about it all is that we generate carbon-free power. Replacement power will generate more carbon and the air quality will decrease. Studies show that peoples electric rates will also go up--a lot.

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