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June 10--Post Launch Pad

The Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop is over. I met another fine group of people and had a wonderful time. Unlike all past workshops, the transportation arrangements for this workshop did not go smoothly. The vehicles that had originally been rented turned out to be far too small and all three drivers were forced to upgrade. The rental company charged us $50.00 a day for the upgrade cost. In addition to this, the cost that is quoted online does not include a bevy of added charges that quickly put the total cost of each vehicle at well over twice what Launch Pad has paid in the past. The line to pick up the vehicles was long and it took the drivers almost 45 minutes to pick up the vehicles. If you ever have a need to rent a vehicle--you would be wise not to choose Advantage.

 My wife has finished her grammar check of Collision Course and the manuscript is now in the hands of my final proofing editor for his review. I will be making a final editing run on the book after I get all his comments as well as starting work on the formatting of the book for CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle. Once I have a completed manuscript, I can build a final cover. With luck, the book will be out in another month or so.

Sales have been very disappointing of late. This does have an effect on how enthused I am about getting this next book out. I have other things I enjoy doing and if people aren't buying my books, why should I spend a lot of time working on writing them and getting them out for publication? Seriously, if there's no incentive to publish, then I'll turn my attention to other things. I'll still continue to write and publish, but it won't be with the same enthusiasm I would have if I was selling more.

One of my other interests is in learning how to build web pages. This involves learning HTML (done), CSS (done), JavaScript (mostly done), jQuery (in progress), and PHP (not yet started). Even though I now know enough about JavaScript and jQuery to build a decent web page, I'm not proficient at it. Being proficient will require practice. Right now, I have a good start on my website and it's only going to be getting better in the future. If you're interested, please check it out. Just point your browser to and take a look. Comments are always welcome.

Some of you might recall that I work at a nuclear power plant. The company I work for has been in the news recently because they've filed for bankruptcy protection. The Trump administration is also pushing to keep the nuclear and coal plants open. As of right now, the company plans on closing the plant in May of 2021. I should still be able to remain employed until at least a year after that date putting me within striking distance of full retirement. I believe nuclear power should have a place in our energy supply matrix. I am not a fan of any fossil fuel generators unless they have a way to reduce their carbon emissions. Granted, nuclear power must be treated with extreme respect because the results of failing to do so are disasterous (i.e. Fukashima). But, done right, it is a viable source of power.

Time to post this and get back to working on editing my book ... or maybe I should spend my time updating my website ... or maybe ...

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