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June 24: What's Next?

Collision Course is done and is just sitting on Amazon's server collecting prerelease sales until July 9th when the book becomes available. The print version is done but has not yet been uploaded. I'll do that after the ebook is released. So, what's next?

Even though I write computer programs at my day job, I've been finding myself wanting to learn more about website programming. Sales have been pathetic so the incentive to write is just not there. So, I think I will be turning my attention towards learning some more about jQuery and then PHP and MySQL which are the final technologies I need to build some really cool websites. If you haven't been to my author website recently, please check it out. I will be adding a ton more pictures in the very near future so keep checking back.

Why are sales so low? Well, I'm not the only author complaining. Amazon is named after one of the world's largest forests and rightly so. There are literally millions of books available on Amazon. Unless you have the advertising power of a large publishing house or a huge fan base that constantly look to see when your next novel is published, getting noticed is difficult. The winners of this year's Nebula awards have been released. You won't find a single self-published story in the list. There are self-published authors, but the stories that were nominated are those that have been published in a magazine or by one of the large publishing houses.

I'm not complaining (well, not too much anyway) because I've had a really good run so far. But, when sales drop too low, the thrill of publishing a new novel and seeing a spike in sales is just no longer there. If there are competing interests (such as website programming for myself) then such interests become more important than writing for a shrinking audience.

This does not mean I will be abandoning writing or that I will never self-publish another book. The urge will return and I will open up Scrivener and start my next novel. What it will be is anyone's guess since I have nothing in mind at the moment. And as for when ... only time will tell.

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