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December 2, 2018

Climate Change Report
The day after I saw the news that the latest report on climate change was out, I downloaded a copy and started reading. It's a massive work with every scientific fact backed up by references to the original data. There were a lot of other things I could have done, but the report was important and I wanted to know what was in it. Even though I just read the highlights and some of the selected details, it still took me several hours to digest. It is an eye-opening report. You can get your own copy from the official government website. Our planet, the only home humanity currently knows, is in danger. I'm almost 61 and many of the changes that will take place will become starkly visible in my lifetime. Those changes will become worse and my kids will have to live in a world that is becoming hostile to life. It's depressing.

New Cell Phone
About six months ago, my 3-year-old HTC 10 smartphone (which was the flagship phone for HTC when I purchased it) began to reboot itself when it hit 25% battery level. It would enter into a continuous reboot loop and required a hard restart to fix. Battery life began to rapidly decline. About a month ago, I started to get fed up with it and began researching for a new cell phone. For a long time, I had my eye set on a Google Pixel 3 but the cost was prohibitive. Last week, my HTC battery was discharging at a rate of 1% every 1.5 minutes and even starting from a full charge would not last the night in standby mode. By this time, my dad had purchased a new phone after doing a bunch of research and he settled on the Moto G6. The specs looked good.

The Moto G6 processor is actually less powerful than my older HTC 10. But, the phone runs near stock Android. Now, I'm a tech nerd and I've always enjoyed owning high-tech stuff. The practical side of my brain was telling me I did not need the power of a flagship phone. I had to remind myself that today's phones are built to become obsolete in 3 years because of the nonreplaceable battery. That pretty much ensures that someone will need to buy a new phone every 3 to 4 years. Did I really need a $1,000 flagship phone every 4 years? The answer is no. I bought the G6.

Phones in the Android One program run near stock Android. My phone was clear of bloatware and even though it has the same memory capacity as my HTC I have more room remaining after reloading all of my apps. It is snappy and runs everything I've thrown at it (I don't play games). My only complaint (which was easily corrected) was the fact that the phone was so slippery I couldn't set it down on any cloth surface without it slowly sliding to the floor. A nice rubber case solved that problem. I will be sticking with Motorola Android One phones from now on and I will never buy a flagship phone. I can't justify the cost and I don't need the insane specs of a high-end phone.

Book Sales and the Itch to Write
A couple weeks ago, I said that the itch to write was gone. I also said I was going to drop the already low prices on my books to $2.99 (the lowest price I can set and still make 70% royalties). The drop in price has caused a small uptick in sales. I've been spending my time learning PHP and enjoying my time off. The itch is beginning to return but my desire to complete my website developer education is overriding my desire to get back to writing. I will finish reading this book on PHP and MySQL and then I will consider getting back to writing. Unlike a romance writer, I don't have a fan base that is anxiously awaiting the release of my next book. There's no hurry. Nobody has been sending me emails asking me to please hurry up and write another book. I like to write, I like to see my books in print, and I love to see a sale because I know someone is reading my story. But I also love computer programming and learning new technologies and languages. For now, the writing will be taking a back seat while I satisfy another itch.

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